News 2020

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. We hope to see you all again in 2021, all healthy. 

We have a new family member

Welcome Marly ''Felicitous Qashew''
She is bred by Susanne Menten, kennel Felicitous in Germany.
Her mom is ''Felicitous iJolly'' her father is our own Diesel.
Finally a big wish came true, we have a child from our own sweet Diesel!

Saying goodbye

We had to say goodbye to two dear boys. It's always hard to say goodbye to our beloved ones!
Run free sweeties!

Sinbad 15/09/2004 - 06/10/2020

Xellwin 27/04/2007 - 09/10/2020

25-09 IDS Maastricht 

In those difficult times, there was finally a show! This time IDS Maastricht.

Judge: Mr. A. Simons
Chablis van het Veense Springertje NLJCH. JW'19 - Flame
1 excellent, best bitch, CAC / CACIB and later on even BEST OF BREED! There was no mainring this time due covid-19.

We are very proud of her! She has now enough points for her Dutch Champion title, but has to wait till she is old enough.

20-09 Spaniel Specialty in Belgium

Today we had a dubble Spaniel show in Belgium! It was such great fun to be back in de showring during this Covid-19 times.

BSCB Show, judge Ronny Blomme (BE)
CH. Diesel van het Veense Springertje - Diesel
1excellent, best dog, CAC, BEST OF BREED en to end the day in style he became RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!
Chablis van het Veense Springertje, NLJCH. JW'19 - Flame
1excellent, CAC and reserve best bitch

SSA Show, judge Louis Dehaes (BE)
Diesel 2nd excellent
Flame 1excellent and reserve best bitch

Later Diesel and Flame became BEST IN SHOW BRACE!

It was such a fun day with dear friends!

24 en 25 june - A show trip to Germany

Flame and Daphne had a small vacation in Germany, going camping and 2 days of a dog show! It was a lot of fun, with great results!

Chablis van het Veense Springertje, NLJCH. JW'19 - Flame
Made us very proud, she became two days RESERVE BEST BITCH! There where 25 Springers enterd.



Flame being a top model

During this strange times, Flame found herself a new hobby! She became a top model!
She was asked by Ron Baltus to be a model. She did such a great job as you can see at the photos below .. 

She worked so hard, so she earned a nice walk at the lake closeby! She is beautiful captured by our friend Renée Koks!

05-07 Daphne and Flame winning Show Handling Competition

Such a fun day today @ the showhandlig weekend organised by Dogshow Centre Zwolle This time a 10 years anniversary show!
Daphne became BEST IN SHOW HANDLER together with Flame!

We started the day with 4 rounds judged by 4 diffrent judges. In all the 4 rounds Daphne gained the FIRST PLACE! On to the final of the category 18 - 40 years old. In this finale Daphne was also placed first! So Daphne had to compete for the best in show with the other category winners.... AND SHE WON! So proud of Flame, who did such a great job with just 20 months old!


Renée showed our crazy Scottish boy Gilroy today! She never showed him before, but they where such a lovely team together! They became THIRD BEST HANDLER in the category 18 - 40 years old! So proud!

07-06 Reunion of the littler from Hazel x Diesel 

Water fun

Due to Covid-19, there are no dogshows at the moment! So we are off to the lake a lot, as we have a lot more free time now in the weekends!
Lets say, the dogs are enjoying it a lot! 

01-04 Happy Birthday Abby - Queen of the house

Abby turns 9 today, how time flies when you are having fun! Well, time is going to fast. We spoiled Abby a lot today, pictured with one of her gifts!

29-02 IDS Groningen

Today it was dogshow time again @ IDS Groningen. We enterd 3 of our dogs.

CH.Lucetta van het Veense Springertje - Abby
1excellent in veteran class, best of breed veteran and later on she was in the selection of the 6 best veterans in show! There where more than 40 beautiful veterans in the mainring!

CH. Diesel van het Veense Springertje - Diesel
1excellent and reserve best dog

Chablis van het Veense Springertje, NLJCH. JW'19 - Flame
2excellent and reserve best bitch

We had a good day!

12-01 Dog of the year show NL

It was time for the Dog of the year show!
Both boys, Diesel and Girloy, where qualified for this show. It's always special to be a part of this show.
They where doing great, but there was no placement for them today. 

Nevertheless we are very proud of them! Diesel qualified 4 times, Gilroy 3 times.