About us

In 1987 our English Springer adventure started with the arrival of our first English Springer Ashly van Duin en Kruidberg.

With Ashly , her daughter Wisteria van het Veense Springertje (Wisty) and her granddaughter Gentle Gipsy van het Veense Springertje (Gina), we were active into the showring and the hunting fields.


In 1990 we bought Padthaway Madonna (Donna) she was out of some lovely  English show lines.

Together with our first male Spring Creek’s Caddilac, who came from Denmark a few years later, they were the start of our very successful show line. Both had a fantastic show career! Despite the fact that Caddy was one of the first ESS in the Netherlands with a long tail, (long before docking was official banned), he gained his Dutch Champion title very easily and  became best dog at the Dutch Champion show for the ESS with just 9 months old!


The first litter of Donna and Caddy immediately became a highlight.

From this litter we held 2 girls, Diba and Dizzy Lizzy van het Veense Springertje. Lizzy became our first home bred World Champion in 2002 at Amsterdam.

At the moment we have our 7th generation of Champions.

Including the most successful one: Multi Ch. Lucetta van het Veense Springertje (Abby). In 2015 she became  World Champion in Milano.


The hobby started with the both of us, Rudo and Helma, but later our daughter Daphne got involved in our hobby as well.

At the early age of 4 years old, she made her debut into the showring  with “child-dog show” Later on she started with junior handling and after she got 18 she started to show dogs for other exhibitors. But her biggest challenge was to show our own English Springer to a higher level.


Our dogs are our family and lives with us in the house.

They stay their whole life with us.

We have a big playground where they can have a lot of fun and where they can get rid of their energy.

Beside that we are active in the showring, we also do a lot of other dog sports.

Now and then we have puppies who grow up in the house with the rest of their family.

All our dogs are health tested.


If you have questions, please contact us.

Helma, Daphne and Rudo van den Brink